Henry’s Black & White Period

While he was doing a Mathematics course at Brown during the summer of 2010, Henry started  making a series of black and white “paintings” using black permanent markers on a white canvas. As usual with Henry I have no idea what started it and why, about a year later, he stopped.  He wasn’t exactly prolific. His girlfriend Christina was given one.  He wrote out c-h-r-i-s on five little canvases for my birthday. The rest are on the wall at home. Some are more memorable than others. The imagery is mostly frenetic. The iconography dark and mysterious, the references unfathomable. What does PwT mean? And the number 47396? Anyone out there know?

A gallery of paintings is here

A short, very poor quality, timelapse video shows Henry in action. Not sure if he ever finished that painting, I ‘ve never seen it.

Henry shows us how its done. from 7,220 Days on Vimeo.



  1. JennieB121 - September 1, 2014 11:29 am

    That series of paintings is not my favorite. But I know that he loved them. And the time lapse video is great.


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