Mary’s Letter

Most days I try to write a note to David. It’s just a journal of jumbled thoughts , tears, and what you might call prayers. Today I will write to you.

Dear Henry,

We all miss you so much. We haven’t forgotten your special intellect, your joy in life ( my French escapes me this morning) your kindness and your sense of humor. You were one of a kind and still are – the world will never see another amazing person like you. We only have happy memories of you. Mine are silly and exceptionally ordinary. I picture you and Dan in the back of my car studying the map of the Lyman’s farm corn maze. You memorized the route before we got there….2 hours in the car and you guys went through the maze in 6 minutes!! As you know we have become closer to your parents because we suffered our own devastating loss this year, you should also know they are still so sad, but very strong and accepting. They have given strength to our family. So, on this anniversary let me say we still love and miss you, we wish you could still be here, our memories are happy ones, we hope wherever you are you are happy and we have you in our hearts.


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