I had an EXCITING dream during my nap today!

February 2010

Um! It wasn’t superstory like this, but it GAVE YOU MEMORIES SAYING THAT THERE WAS AN EXCITING BACKSTORY AND YOU HAD BEEN GETTING INTO IT ALL DAY, ETC (you know how it is, yeah? similar to those deja vu style dreams)

Anyway. I was staying in this manor owned by this rich gentleman whose name eludes me. We’ll call him Charles or something. Anyway, he has this son, and I ‘remembered’ that in the vast part of the story that happened before the dream, we saw him on two occasions holding a 12 playing card in his hand. This isn’t to say he plays with strange non-existent cards (you know, dreams) or that he carries a favourite playing card around. We were usually looking at his hand while he played or something (hand like a fanned out group of cards, yeah) Anyway, this had that DREAMLIKE SIGNIFICANCE, as if he were holding FOUR ACES or a GOLDEN CARD. So yeah, the son (Thomas is a nice name) carried a 12 card twice in the past.

So anyway, I was hanging around the manor and things, some friends were there who had a very Princess Leia and Han Solo feeling to them. I don’t remember who they were, though. We wanted to do some task. It might have been to cook something.

Anyway, to do this, I need permission from the two friends and from Thomas. So I went and asked all of them, very nice. When I got to Han (after talking to Leia and Thomas) he said something a bit strange. It was like “Sure, but you’ll need to talk to both Thomases”. Now I found that a bit odd. Two Thomases? What?

BUT THEN, I ‘recalled’ my SNEAKING SUSPICION that Thomas could travel through time. (Maybe he was a member of The Felt?) So naturally I started searching the house for a time displaced Thomas. Eventually I found an UNLOCKED DOOR in the pantry. And if a door’s openable in any video game, (this had a video game feel at the beginning, this dream) you have to go in it at some point. So I went in there.

I found myself in a white room. Like the kind with a tile floor, but it wasn’t tiles. I guess the floor looked like tiles, but wasn’t cold or smooth like them. Anyway, I went around a corner and found some stairs. I climbed them for a while, getting the NAGGING EXPECTATION that this was some kind of SECRET NERD LAIR. So I got to the last flight of stairs (zig zaggy. You know) and there was a message written on a paper taped to the wooden sides. It was some kind of nerdy KEEP OUT OF MY SECRET BASE kind of thing. But that wasn’t the exact message. It sounded more serious than that? I dunno.

So I go up, and the room is very blue. The ceiling was like a trapezoid type thing (it was like the ceiling at my mom’s house.) and was blue :> etc etc.

I saw this guy lounging on a chair with what I think was a Playstation 2 kind of controller. I don’t really remember! So I’m naturally like “JACOB!!” or “GREG!!” or something. I thought it was one of those guys.

BUT THIS STORY WAS SET IN THE FUTURE, IT SEEMS, for I was face to face with FUTURE BEN WEISSLER. :0 I instantly thought something like OH MAN I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS AND TELL BEN.

Uh, Ben’s face was a bit longer, somehow, and his hair was looking a little raggedy. He looked like a DANIEL, but not, say, a KELLER. He was still pretty shaved, and had some nice collared shirts. Um. He was LOUNGING on this beach chair type thing. You know the ones that have very little slope. The dy/dx would be like (-e^x)/1,000 or something like that. Very low but kinda curved concave up. ANYWAY

He chilled in that kinda chair and played video games a lot more than he does now. He had a little bulletin board RSS THING. It was pretty cool. Blogposts popped up on the corkboard magically. OH AND HE HAD A COWBOY HAT! hahaha It was a condensed one, though. Not a huge thing. Probably closer to a fedora. I called it a cowboy hat though. It was brown, anyway.


I said hello and things. I ALSO NOTICED that upstairs a little bit (on a little second story thing much like the kitchen / living room at our OLD house. Still the same room. railing in between) was THOMAS. GASP. He was playing cards with some people, facing perpendicular to me. He was to my forwards left, facing right.

I looked to my direct left, where Ben and some other mysterious character who had just appeared were. And I said something like “HEY, CAN YOU SEE THOMAS’ HAND? I BET YOU HE DOESN’T HAVE A 12 CARD IN FRONT.” And the other character craned his neck to look over and said “You’re right, he doesn’t.” He sounded pretty wowed, which was silly and not plot significant.

I addressed this wow by clarifying that I had bet against what I expected to happen, so that serious wows would occur even though it did, etc. I dunno. Anyway, him and Ben started muttering things like “DOES HE KNOW?” or “THAT’S HOW THOMAS…” etc etc in a manner (Manor, teehee) that gave me a feeling that THOMAS HAD THEM TRAPPED IN TIME or something like that. AND THE CARD WAS THE SOURCE OF HIS POWER.

So with that, I took Ben’s hat and put it on my head, along with the other character’s generic gentleman’s wraparoundbrim hat. Think the golfers in the BEST GAME EVER PLAYED, I think.

Hats 1
The guy on the left, but more flat and things. Not floppy? I think it was actually used by newsboys or something in another movie I don’t remember.

Anyway, so I had two hats on, and I went up the stairs to confront Thomas. The poker game was gone by now, I guess I forgot about it. He WHIRLED TO FACE ME all scowly and shit, and held up the 12, about to do some serious magic and shit or something. He also had a knife.

BUT I WAS TOO QUICK, I grabbed the card from him and leaped away from the blade! And then I RIPPED THAT FOOL TO THE MAX. It was a really nice sounding rip, I seem to remember. But it definitely didn’t look clean.

CASTING THE SHREDS TO THE SIDE, I SAID HAHA AS HE COLLAPSED TO THE GROUND IN SORROW. I then took his NICE TOPHAT, along with 4 more golfer hats (two of two different varieties) from stacks on top of two mannequin type things.

I jumped down the stairs, and it PAUSED IN THE AIR, and some kind of voiceover said

Hats 2

Anyway, I jumped down. Saw Ben, and recalled that I should tell him about himself later on AIM. And then down the stairs I went!

SOMETIME DURING this stair descending experience, I became HALF LEXIE LYNN. I don’t even know! So I thought something like “Oh man, these hats are so silly, I need to take a picture of myself and show Lexie” because I was her or something? It was pretty bizarre. So I figured I’d take a photo of myself or something with my cellphone once I was OUTTA there.

So I climbed up the stairs from the kitchen, because it was downstairs, and come face to face with EDWARD and his two young asian children :00 I don’t know why they were asian. I guess because they looked like a Canon advert.

One had a pink camera and he took a photo, which I was pretty grateful for. All the hats fell off afterwards. And then the dream kind of adjourned and I told Edward I had killed his son or something, and then I stopped being Lexie and we perused the freshly printed photo of her wearing many hats.

It wasn’t a good photo, it was too upclose and to the side, and you could only see the hats in the corner :[ and just a little bit of them. They were cut off, you know? mannn.

And then I was like OH WELL, BYE LEXIE and the dream ended!

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