The 2014 Henry Armero Award

The winners of the 2014 Henry Armero Award were recently announced at Carnegie Mellon University. The Award was established last year in Henry’s memory to promote creativity and innovation in computer sciences and art with a special focus on collaboration and community. This year two winning teams were chosen and they are sharing the award to finance their projects which have to be presented in September. Here are the projects in the teams’ own words:

THE GEROMOTION MACHINE = Katherine Lee, Jolyn Sandford, Andrea Gershuny
The Geromotion Machine is a mobile web app station that can pull segments of audio from different sources and mix them to create sounds based on the movements of the users’ bodies in front of a camera. The Machine draws the audience in by allowing them to pick and choose which audio sources to mix (input) to get an unexpected new sound (output) based on their movement. It encourages silly behavior and dancing in public places, as well as enabling the audience to let loose without worrying. Most of the inspiration for this project is from Henry’s ideas for a Frame show as well as his project Audiyou and Me.”

ZINE TO SCREEN TO ZINE (ZTSTZ) = Mishq Laliwala, Samantha Ticknor
ZTSTZ is a project that focuses on bringing zine-making techniques to the general population in two parts, physical and digital. The physical realm includes didactic artwork aimed at informing the audience about the potential of everyday materials while the digital is a set of tools that act as catalysts in the zine-making process. The project was inspired by the fast and quick nature of the millennial and hopes to provide them with a toolkit for zine-making.”

Looking forward to playing the Geromotion Machine and checking out Zine to Screen to Zine during 2014.

UPDATE: See photos and videos of the Award Presentation here

  1. JennieB121 - February 6, 2014 4:02 pm

    It’s wonderful to see talented young people putting their creativity to work for the benefit of community spirit. Whether he realized it or not, among Henry’s many gifts, his ability to bring people together for merriment and fun was perhaps the most significant.


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