The Hat Years.

During a holiday in Hawaii in August 2005 Henry bought a green Na Pali Explorers baseball cap. He had never really worn a hat before. Perhaps he was seduced by the safety of the hard hat he wore during our sugar mill tour. Perhaps he felt it was finally time for headgear. Its hard to explain. But for the next three years Henry wore a cap wherever he went. In retrospect it was like a chrysalis. Before the Hat Years he was little Henry. But in the fall of 2008, when he suddenly stopped wearing caps, he became big Henry. The end of the Hat Years marked the beginning of the Hair Years – his most identifiable phase.






  1. JennieB121 - March 2, 2014 1:52 pm

    I guess the transformation was complete when he took up hat-making. Do you remember going to that great hat shop in San Francisco and telling the proprietor that one of our kids was an aspiring milliner? I do wish that some of the recipients of Henry’s hats would share their pictures here.


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