The Rocket Scientists’ Thanksgiving


Almost exactly four years ago Henry and his friends Alex Hofer and Tyler Chapin, all high achieving physics and computer science prodigies, freshmen at Carnegie Mellon University, missed the bus home to New York from Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. The official story was that the bus from campus took too long and, once they got to the bus station, they couldn’t find the exact place the NY bus left from. All the other buses were fully booked, obviously, and the air fares were astronomical so in the end the Hofer, Chapin and Armero families celebrated Thanksgiving without their rocket scientists. Meanwhile the rocket scientists celebrated in a Chinese restaurant in Shadyside. There was a silver lining, though. Their mutual friend Gihyun Kim from Korea didnt have to eat on his own and they were never late for a plane, bus or train again.

  1. Julia Preseau - December 8, 2015 10:04 pm

    Thank you for posting this memory


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