The Storyteller

Henry could spin a good yarn, even when he was little (see his first grade “My Skiing Day” on this site). The beneficiaries were most often his friends, occasionally his parents, whom he would regale with long-winded adventures usually culled from the latest video game or tv show. But he blossomed at High School with his, now mythical, online and offline co-operative adventures, the fictional world histories and with his stream of consciousness prose. The six stories I have tracked down all read like bizarre dreams, some of them are, and they all have in common a high octane imagination firing on all cylinders. Clearly first drafts, dashed off in the middle of the night, these stories were written between freshman and senior years at Greenwich High School. At Carnegie Mellon he was either too busy to write or his imagination was in use in other ways. Anyway, hope you enjoy Henry’s tall tales.



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